About Us


PH Sloan has been operating in Mendon, Michigan since November 1999. We are an ISO9001 Certified company. We occupy 23,500 square feet of newly renovated manufacturing area, including new offices for administration, engineering and quality assurance.

As part of this renovation, all areas are connected into a centralized, fully networked computer system for real time data gathering.


PH Sloan was founded in 1989 on the basis of providing quality machine tools for selected industries. Plastic injection molding was added in 1993 as the company's core competencies continued to expand. Metal machining was added in 1996 and value-added sub-assemblies were added in 1997. In 2002, integrated manufacturing systems were added for production of steering and seating products.

Technology and Products

The company was formed to provide full service, highly engineered contract manufacturing of metal machined and plastic molded components, integrated assemblies of metal and plastics and the development of patented products for steering and seating. The diverse manufacturing equipment at our facility accommodates versatility and allows the plant to operate self sufficiently. The backbone of the company is its manufacturing computer system which fully integrates all aspects of materials management, manufacturing scheduling and reporting, quality data gathering, employee reporting and sales management in real time and complete traceability. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored and all data is readily available to managers who wish to review it.


The selection of all equipment for current production needs has been made with an eye to the future requirements of the organization. The size and type of all injection molding machines cover the production requirements of the products under development. The metal machining equipment were purchased to offer the greatest degree of flexibility to generate those components used in new products.